Leadership Unplugged at ERC

Adding value to the moving industry by addressing broken move pricing was the topic in this five minute interview by Worldwide ERC CEO Peggy Smith of PricePoint CEO Ben Heller

During his 15 years as a procurement consultant, Ben thought he was doing the right thing when he encouraged his clients to select movers based on the lowest cost. He later realized the lowest cost selection is bad for both his clients and the movers. Furthermore RFPs only encourage this negative lowest cost outcome. In researching a way to avoid this mistake in the future, he found a piece of technology that automated move pricing for the movers.

“Procurement does a disservice to the mobility industry.”

Ben saw an opportunity with PricePoint founder Ryan Keintz to build a front end solution that connects buyers to their movers, and movers to their downstream supply chain. This automated move pricing means there is no need for audits or RFPs or multiple surveys. In other words, PricePoint helps movers price the way clients buy and so strengthens partnerships.

The sense of partnerships throughout the industry is a large part of the reason Ben fell in love with the mobility. At a prior ERC conference visiting every booth, he discovered he liked all the people. It seems everyone in the moving industry is warm, empathetic, and interested in helping people. And those are Ben’s kind of people. And so supporting the PricePoint partners – RMCs and movers – continues to be a core value. It’s part of the reason PricePoint doesn’t sell directly to corporate clients, and instead supports their partners’ sales efforts.