What it means to be mover friendly

What It Means to Be Mover Friendly

Here at PricePoint, one of our founding principles is that we’re “Mover Friendly.” As a core component of our culture, it’s important to define what that means, how it guides our company and why this matters to you.

First off, there are lots of moving solutions out there, but most aren’t mover friendly. We see bid boards that require lots of movers to populate thousands and thousands of rates. There are solutions that layer an audit on as part of a standard process. And there are many solutions that drive costs down so low that quality inevitably suffers. None of that is mover friendly.

So what does it mean to be mover friendly? At the highest level, it means that we design software with the mover as a customer. We weren’t built for the buyer, only to treat the mover as an afterthought. Our initial goal in developing software was to simplify and streamline the pricing process for movers. We created flexible pricing solutions based on movers existing tariff models, so they spend less time populating and managing rates and more time focusing on their clients. Connecting moving partners to each other enables better, faster and less costly quotes across networks of partners. Then only after solving needs for movers did we go on to solve a problem for the buyers.

Second, any mover friendly solution will measure, incentivize, and reward quality. Movers enter your home and handle everything you own. It’s a stressful time that can be made worse if your move goes wrong. Movers who do a great job deserve to be rewarded. Those movers that go above and beyond to provide great service to their customers will only do so if they can be profitable…and people will only pay a premium for quality if they know it exists. Soon, PricePoint will be tracking and showcasing mover quality. We’ll enable sorting based upon client preferences of price and quality, enabling a balance that maximizes value for every client’s unique needs.

Third, movers need to be fairly compensated and profitable. Marketplaces that don’t treat the seller as a customer will inevitably drive pricing to zero and will be a burden to use. In order to ensure that movers are paid fairly for their services, we cannot have a race to the bottom. Being responsible with the marketplace is important to creating a mover friendly solution. Any mover friendly solution has to be protective of the pricing data and discourage an environment that aggressively drives the price down as the intended goal. Efficiencies will be gained in a market, but any solution that is mover friendly must avoid commoditization and highlight differentiations.

“Being mover friendly is in our DNA and part of what makes us different.”

Fourth, a mover friendly solution should not compete with the movers. So we decided earlier this year that we don’t enter agreements directly with corporations. We partner with RMCs and movers to enhance their abilities to sell directly to corporate clients. Ultimately, our fee will be paid by the corporate clients, so nothing comes out of a mover’s or RMC’s pocket. It’s a way for the people who built this industry to adapt and fight against the “Ubers” that are coming to eliminate the van lines, agents, and RMCs in our industry.

Being mover friendly is in our DNA and part of what makes us different. It enables us to be an independent solution that streamlines the buying and selling of moving simply in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. And it will help guide us in building balanced solutions that work well for all of our customers, not just the buyers. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to ben@pricepointmoves.com or miranda@pricepointmoves.com and let’s set up a time to talk.

All the best,
The PricePoint Team
(Ryan, Ben, Miranda, Herbert, Neal, Yazen, Phoenix, Billy and Molly)