Upgrade Your Spreadsheet: Transforming International Move Pricing with Innovation

As a pricing manager in international moving, I was proudly an Excel Pro and spreadsheet jockey.  If you manage international pricing, you often have to create overly-complex formulas and groom massive amounts of rate data just to keep up.  I had gridlines burned into the back of my retinas so that I saw spreadsheets when I closed my eyes.  Managing international move pricing will do that to you. For those of you that have actually killed computers with your spreadsheets and are reacting with ‘don’t you dare take my spreadsheets’, I have good news.  There’s a better way that was designed for you.

PricePoint was created first and foremost to be mover-friendly.  Our founder, Ryan Keintz comes from the international household goods industry.  He was faced with the same challenges we deal with in pricing household goods services and responding to RFPs.  He envisioned PricePoint as a simple solution for movers that drives integrity in the international household good pricing process.

With all the changes in our industry, you are going to see a lot of RFPs and rate requests this year.  Now is the time to connect directly with your suppliers so that you win more business.  Instantly see rates from all of your moving partners around the world.  Easily enter and share rates with only the partners you choose. Simplify your RFP response process by automating what previously took hundreds of phone calls and emails to assemble rates.

Do you need to analyze your rates?  The PricePoint Analysis feature harnesses the power of the most advanced pivot tables to compare origin/destination rates. Not only are you saving time by not manually building these analyses, but since PricePoint is completely independent, real market rate feedback is available for you to perform better.

“Simplify your RFP response process by automating what previously took hundreds of phone calls and emails to assemble rates.”

In addition to the mover tools, we have a platform that will make RFPs for household goods moving a thing of the past.  Companies purchasing moving services can connect to your current rates instantly via a portal to your rates or an online marketplace, eliminating the need for the RFP process.  Buying and selling international moving just got a lot easier.

So stop stressing over RFPs.  Request a demo and we’ll show you how to price better, faster, and for nothing out of your pocket.