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Price with insight, move with confidence.

Managing moving services is complicated. PricePoint Portal consolidates pricing and performance data across our entire global moving marketplace and your supplier network so you can make the best decision.

  • Instantaneous
    Rates and metrics from your supplier network at your fingertips
  • Insightful
    Millions of pricing and quality data points to help drive decisions
  • Choice
    Compare prices between your preferred suppliers, modes of transportation, and service levels
  • Transparent
    Best-in-class benchmarking and reporting incentivizes continuous improvement from your supplier network
  • Intelligent
    Network performance analysis customized to meet your business needs
  • Independent

    We are not a mover or a broker – we are an independent conduit between the moving and mobility industries

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Portal Ecosystem

Your moving supply chain, connected.

Access independent, market-based data to enable transparency and data-driven insights across your entire moving supply chain.
  • Standardize the pricing and purchasing across moving services options in a fair market environment
  • Instantly compare quotes and quality scores from your mover panel
  • Incentivize supplier performance with global marketplace benchmarking and reporting
  • Streamline vendor management by eliminating costly and time-consuming audit processes
  • Monitor pricing evolution of your shipments


Data-driven performance.

Harness the power of PricePoint’s millions of data points. At-a-glance snapshots show how your move spend compares to market average in key service areas, helping pinpoint performance and improvement. 
  • Level-set your move partners with transparent pricing and quality scores
  • Measure overall costs against PricePoint market averages
  • Zoom in on category costs - including supplementals - with even greater context and detail
  • Incentivize supplier performance


Make your suppliers price and performance data actionable.

Our Best Choice algorithm combines door-to-door price, average supplemental spend, and quality to highlight the best mover for every move.
  • Effortlessly control supplemental spend
  • Incentivize best performance
  • Award moves with automated, transparent, binding price quotes
  • Eliminate supply chain conflict of interests with performance-driven move distribution management


Innovative supplemental management.

Say goodbye to overcharges on supplemental services. Our detailed reporting measures frequency and average costs of supplementals charges so you can manage them wisely.
Get to know supplementals
  • Occur on most moves
  • Can account for 20% of your total move costs
  • Highly vulnerable to price manipulation

Invoice Validation

Invoice discrepancies resolved.

We independently validate mover invoices to ensure they are accurate before you issue any payments. 
  • Eliminate costly third-party audits
  • Real-time review prior to payment
  • Resolve invoice discrepancies within hours, not months
  • Verify all charges are backed up
  • Ensure compliance with your company's allowance policies 

Proven Savings

Cost Avoidance — the power of choice.

"Using PricePoint has consistently saved our clients 10-15% on average on their mobility program. We are able to offer pricing certainty and transparency in ways that are beyond our competition." 

− Vice President, Service Delivery, Global RMC

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The best of PricePoint, right where you need it.

Build, access, and update your moves in real time without having to switch programs. PricePoint’s API is secure, flexible, and robust, so you can manage every part of your moving program - your way.

We make moving easier.

When you’re confident in your moving supply chain, you can spend more time meeting the needs of your transferees. Get in touch to book a demo to learn more about the difference Portal can make to your move program.

Photo of Valerie Wakeham
Photo of Valerie Wakeham
The use of the PricePoint Portal is pivotal to our client relationships and allows us to demonstrate good practice and governance over the HHG shipping quotes, allocations, and costs.
Valerie Wakeham, SVP Finance and Operations, Bristol Global Mobility

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At PricePoint, everything we do is mover friendly with the goal to make moving simpler for everyone.