Finally, a simpler way to move from A to B.

PricePoint puts you in the driver’s seat of pricing your move.

Finally, a simpler way to move from A to B.
PricePoint puts you in the driver’s seat of pricing your move.

There are more ways to move than ever before. Choose wisely.

With instant visibility to real-time, transparent pricing across your entire network, PricePoint enables you to work more efficiently and make better decisions. Add value, improve quality, and ensure a great transferee experience on every move.

Insight that goes beyond the numbers.

Fewer TransfereeTouchpoints Less hassle for a bettercustomer experience. Instantaneous Your team becomes faster withrates and metrics at your fingertips. Supplier Agnostic We work with your moving providers Insight Without Audit Effortless benchmarking andconfidence in pricing. Connect & Automate Make technology work for youwith system integration. Data Driven Leverage pricing and qualitydata to make better decisions. Proven Savings Cost analysis customized to youand your clients’ needs.
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Ben Thorgierson portrait
The team at PricePoint has been absolutely amazing to work with and an integral team member in setting up our rate calculator. I don’t even think of the team as a service provider, more as our ‘pricing department’ and EVERY business should have this department.
Ben Thorgierson
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Utilizing PricePoint has helped to make us quicker getting the requested rates to the client, the consequence of this is we have been able to secure more business simply by being faster. It has also opened the door to new agents offering more competitive pricing and links us to a board range of new corporate clients engaging the system..
Samuel Surber
Bill Brill profile photo
We have enjoyed a great working relationship with PricePoint since 2011. Their state of the art technology greatly enables us to control our costs and ensure our clients pay at or below a competitive market rate. This technology eliminates the need for costly RFPs that oftentimes do not cover the full scope of a client’s needs. We continue to add new corporate clients to our PricePoint platform. There is a much better, more transparent way to procure international moving services and that is the essence of PricePoint.
Bill Brill

PricePoint Portal

Trust, powered by PricePoint

Put a stop to the guesswork and access your moving partners’ quality and pricing data in real time, at your fingertips.


Insight without audit

Simplify the invoicing and audit process with detailed reporting and benchmarking on every move.

Data-driven performance

Transparent pricing and quality scores take the guesswork out of selecting your moving partners.

Innovative supplemental management

Say goodbye to the supplemental free-for-all with up-front reporting on key metrics.

Moving is complicated.
Pricing a move shouldn’t be.

At PricePoint, we’re here to make moving easier for everyone.


The Pricing Revolution

PricePoint would not be what it is today without the movers and RMCs who see ways to improve the industry and work with us to build great products