No. PricePoint is not owned by a mover, forwarder, broker, or relocation company. We were formed completely independent of any other company, and our core mission remains to make move pricing easier and more transparent for everyone along the moving and mobility supply chain.

PricePoint is supplier agnostic. We are simply the conduit for the moving and mobility industries. Our customers use PricePoint as a supplier platform. If you are a mover, corporate mobility professional, freight company, or RMC, PricePoint is open for anyone to join.

Your data is completely secure with PricePoint. We don’t sell our data to third parties, and we don’t store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on our servers.

PricePoint runs in the Amazon Web Services cloud. Benefits include Amazon’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs) alongside the Amazon CloudWatch monitoring and alerting of failure scenarios. In the event of a failure, the PricePoint development team is alerted and all team members are capable of recovering the system. We follow a four-point Recognition and Recovery process in the event of cloud failure.

Privacy of rates is important to movers and it is important to us. Our system allows you to set your audience parameters to include only those you want to share your pricing with, and not with anyone you don’t. Movers are in full control of their pricing and audience, and these permissions can be adjusted instantly anytime.