Who Is Going To See My Pricing?

We often get the question, “Who is going to see my pricing?”.  Generally, the concern is privacy. Privacy of rates is important to movers and it is important to us.  One of PricePoint’s core values is to be mover friendly, and we can not live up to that standard without ensuring that your rates are only seen by those that you intend.

So who do you want to see your rates?

  1. Only your internal team.
  2. Your team and only your preferred moving partners.
  3. Your team and all movers (except identified competition).
  4. Your relocation partners and your technology systems.
  5. No one.

Great.  If you answered any of the above, PricePoint can do that for you.  In PricePoint, movers have complete control over who sees their rates.

If you have different tariffs for non-partner agents, preferred partners, large clients, and a partnering RMC – no problem.  Your audience sees only the rates you want them to, and none that you don’t. You control your pricing. We respect your right to run your business your way, including a strategy to play it close to the chest.

Movers have complete control over who sees their rates.

So you can – at whatever level you choose – be connected within your organization, between your systems, and to your moving and relocation partners.  The result is that your pricing becomes a strategic advantage that saves you money, increases your opportunities to win business, and frees up time to serve your customers.

Want to make your pricing easy and efficient?  Let’s talk.