Simplifying corporate relocation move pricing for movers, relocation companies, global mobility, and their customers.

Simplifying corporate relocation move pricing for movers, relocation companies, global mobility, and their customers.

Merger announcement: PricePoint has merged with CEND, an innovative US moving marketplace. Read the press release here.


We’re here to make corporate relocation moving easier and cost effective for everyone

PricePoint lets you connect with your partners to improve moving experiences, eliminate the busywork, and make data-driven decisions.

Dynamic Pricing

Streamline the bid process and ensure accurate pricing.

Intelligent Supplier Distribution

There are more ways to move than ever before. Choose wisely.

Integrated with You

See your moving data anywhere you want it.

Here’s how the PricePoint Portal ecosystem works.

We’re not a mover or a broker – we’re an independent conduit between the moving and mobility industries.
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Voerman was one of the first companies to jump on board, because for us, it was a tool to make our process much more efficient, and much easier. So, we have been very supportive of the system from the start, and we support getting other agents on board in that system.
Wiebe Von Bockel
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PricePoint is truly an industry leader, leveling the playing field and bringing a Travelocity-type experience to the moving industry. The tool meshes well with the younger assignees we so often see, and it’s extremely easy to use, providing a wealth of vital information at your fingertips.
Jill Ayers O’Neil
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In my experience, household goods pricing has traditionally been a challenging area when it comes to transparency, with a plethora of different approaches that can be more confusing than straight forward. PricePoint removes all of that and provides the needed transparency that in my opinion has been lacking for so long. The PricePoint software is very transparent, and allows our suppliers to provide fair and competitive pricing for quality moves. And that’s what drew me to them.
James Speirs

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